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4 Jan 2018


Weber County – Posted by webercounty8623 Ogden, Utah, United States

Job Description


Under the general supervision of the department head, and/or chief deputy, performs the duties of a licensed land surveyor, including technical work, project management, and administrative duties.  This position shall function as a Deputy County Surveyor charged with the responsibility of office and field supervision in the absence of the department head and chief deputy as authorized by the department head.  This position requires the ability to properly and accurately complete assigned tasks to the satisfaction of the department head, and/or chief deputy, with little to no supervision or direction.


Follows accepted and expected standards of practice governing the surveying profession as a whole and the policies of this department.

As a Licensed Surveyor, consults with the department head, and/or chief deputy on matters relating to the operation of the department and serves as an advisor to the department head, and/or chief deputy in such matters as necessary or when requested.  Implements department policy and procedures as directed. May make budget recommendations as requested.

In the absence of the department head and chief deputy, supervises, prioritizes, assigns and directs day to day operations of the department office and field staff in the performance of the duties and responsibilities of the County Survey department as directed by the department head, and/or chief deputy or superiors.

Performs the duties of a Licensed Land Surveyor including but not limited to:  Assisting in the performance of the statutory duties of the County Surveyor’s Office, to manage and/or develop and maintain the County vertical and horizontal monument control networks.  Executes, evaluates, and/or supervises boundary survey projects as it relates to the duties of the office or projects as assigned.  Performs evaluates, and/or supervises necessary field surveying, design, platting, and monumentation, as necessary or required, as it relates to projects assigned.  Researches and helps determine public rights, county roads, and rights-of-way as may be required by county, state, and federal standards, or assigned. Compiles abstracts, histories, or other necessary documentation or research as needed to adequately perform assigned duties.  Performs and/or supervises annexation plat reviews, subdivision plat reviews, tax parcel reviews, or other reviewing responsibilities of the office as assigned.  Evaluates legal documents, descriptions, records, maps, field notes and other instruments as needed and necessary in boundary determination or review work.  Prepares and drafts legal descriptions and other record documents to completely and accurately document work performed, in a manner that will conform with UC 17-23-17 and other applicable statutes, ordinances and policies.  Assists in ensuring that property addresses are assigned and managed in accordance with department policy and meets the needs of emergency services by coordination with the county, cities, and the E-911 dispatch center.  Other assigned duties as they may relate to the office of county surveyor.

Aid the department head, and/or chief deputy in the statutory responsibilities of dependent re-surveys of sectional subdivisions of the county in accordance with State and Federal requirements as well as department policies and procedures.

Perform and/or supervises subdivision reviews in accordance with department policies and practices.  This would include but not limited to, checking for mathematical correctness, engineering design features as allowed by state law with respect to road alignment, grades and topography.  Checks for compliance with State and local subdivision requirements. Checks for compliance with planning and zoning issues as part of the surveyor’s office agreements with the planning department, and ensures that subdivisions will comply with statutory  requirements for subdivisions.

Promotes the review services of the county surveyor’s office to local cities resulting in inter-local agreements to perform surveying services.  Promotes the professionalism of the office to county departments, private surveyors and engineers, and the public through professional and respectful interaction.

Work with county departments and city agencies to ensure and/or promote compliance with the Public Land Corner preservation act as required by UC 17-23-17.5 and other related sections of Utah Code by the private sector.

Consult with, and responds to questions of the public, as related to this department and land survey issues in a manner consistent with department policy.

Checks for accuracy and completeness of the work preformed by the department staff as needful and necessary as it relates to survey design, GIS database implementation, mapping processes, and questions related to the practice of land surveying as assigned by the department head, and/or chief deputy.

Motivates and trains subordinates within the assigned areas of responsibility.

Keeps complete and accurate notes, records, and sketches of work performed.

Maintains a proper flow of communication between all necessary parties to ensure the timely and accurate completion of projects, tasks and assignments including but not limited to other employees, other departments of the county, cities and their employees, special districts, and the public.

May be required to perform other duties related to any position of the offices, as needed and required by the department head, and/or chief deputy.


Required education, experience, certification and/or licensing:

A.    Education:
High school graduation or equivalent GED mandatory.


Graduation from a college or university with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in surveying or a related science or two years of technical college training in surveying, drafting, and survey mathematics.


B.    Experience:
Ten years of surveying experience, with at least:
a.     Two years in a position with duties related to those of a surveying Rodman/Chainman, Instrument Technician and Chief of Parties,
b.       Three years in a supervisory position in responsible charge of office and field procedures relating to the surveying profession,
c.      Five years of administrative and managerial duties with respect to a survey department or operation.


C.    Certification and/or Licensing:
A valid Utah Land Surveyor’s License or the ability to obtain one through reciprocity.

An equivalent combination of education, experience, certification or licensing may be substituted for any or all of the requirements above as approved by the department head.



Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

A.    Knowledge:    Knowledge of the relevant laws of Land Surveying as would be expected of a licensed land surveyor.  Knowledge of important physical evidence as it relates to land boundaries and the Public Land Surveying System.  Knowledge of the relevant laws of boundaries and the Public Land Survey System.   Knowledge of the use and application of aerial photography as related to surveying practices of the field and office.  Knowledge of State and local subdivision development laws, ordinances, and policies of the office.  Knowledge of computers, computer software and survey instrumentation and their use as related to a position of this type.  Knowledge of mathematics, including algebra, geometry and/or trigonometry and their application to surveying.  Knowledge of the BLM Manual of Surveying Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States (current or applicable edition) and it’s relationship and use in identifying and establishing the Public Land Survey System as well as the manuals applicability to private and public land boundaries.  Knowledge of Latitudes and Longitudes, the Utah State Plane Coordinate Systems as legislated and as used by other government agencies, calculations and application of coordinate systems both in the office and field application of that data.  Knowledge of construction surveying, calculations, reading construction documents, and field and office work.  Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their application to the surveying profession and it’s use in the County Surveyors Office.  Knowledge of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in the collection of data and reduction of data (both static and realtime).

B.    Skills:        Skill in drafting and the production of documents of surveys performed which will meet legal requirements and the policies of the office.  Skill in the use of computer software used in surveying applications as applicable to the County Surveyor’s Office. Proficient in AutoCAD (Civil 3D), GPS software (Leica preferred but not mandatory), and Word processing and spread sheet software.  Skill in the use of surveying instruments and related technologies as it relates to management of field and office personnel.  Skill in the use of general office equipment.

C.    Abilities:    Ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of a Licensed Land Surveyor as they relate to the County Surveyor’s Office.  Ability to recognize, and evaluate important physical evidence as it relates to the statutory duties of the office.  Ability to check subdivision development submitals for compliance with state laws, county ordinances, and policies of the office.  Ability to apply mathematics, including algebra and/or trigonometry to surveying tasks as assigned.  Ability to interpret and identify evidence of the Public Land Survey System and to establish the location of corners of this  system in accordance with relevant laws of surveying and the policies of the office.  Ability to establish, work with, and use survey control networks.  Ability to read and interpret engineering plans and specifications.  Ability to apply Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to the surveying profession and implement survey data into those systems.  Ability to properly reduce static and realtime GPS observations and to include the results in the County data base.  Ability to perform document research and deed abstracting to correctly identify a complete chain of title.  Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with employees, other agencies, and the public.   The ability to efficiently operate the office’s vehicles in order to tow trailers and transport equipment typically utilized by the office.


Must possess a valid Utah drivers license and have a good driving record.
Must possess a thorough understanding of the proper procedures for the use and operation of GPS and Total Station surveying equipment.
Must be available for work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if required.
Must possess a State recognized All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)  certification or the ability to obtain one.


The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities or limitations to perform the essential function.  While performing the duties of this job, the employee regularly works in an office environment and may also be required to work in the field.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee will experience field and office conditions relating to the profession of surveying and the responsibilities of the County Surveyor’s Office, which include regularly working in adverse weather conditions and an office environment.  The employee may work near moving mechanical parts that may be related or not related to the profession of surveying.  The employee may be exposed to wet and/or humid conditions, heat and cold, and traffic hazards.  The employee may work in or around high, precarious places, mountainous terrain as well as valley locations.  Weber County is the primary area of work but the work may not be limited to the county.

The County is a diverse environment and as such the employee will be exposed to environments relating to offices, farms, rural settings, urban settings, swamps, sloughs, wet lands, lakes, rivers, streams, flats, plains, meadows, forests, hills, mountains, steep and rocky terrain, and may be exposed to fumes or airborne particles, pollens, insects, snakes, mammals indigenous to the area both domestic and wild.  The use of electronic equipment, projects which are near or around power lines, and electrical storms may pose the risk of electrical shock.  Projects may require work performed on or near mountain or forest roads, local and county roads, state highways, interstate highways, railroads, airports, rivers, streams, cliffs and ledges as well as other indoor and outdoor conditions.

The employee is expected to be able and willing to perform the physical aspects of the job including assigned duties, projects, and tasks necessary to accomplish the work and projects as assigned, which include, but is not limited to, repeated sitting, standing, walking, wading, hiking, carrying, lifting, packing, bending, climbing, scaling, jumping, running, throwing, grasping, reaching, pushing, pulling, balancing, writing, and typing, including the proper manipulation of tools of the profession.

The noise level in the work environment ranges from quiet to loud.  The employee may be expected to use tools for constructing monuments or other survey work such as jack hammers, shovels, digging bars, post hole diggers, frost pins, hammers and other excavating tools in ground conditions that range from soft to hard, sand to asphalt or concrete.  Intermittent exposure to stress as a result of human behavior or the natural environment may occur.

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